Writing a Successful Blog Post in 20 Minutes

Writing schedules can be hard to grasp sometimes, trying to write a blog post that's both unique and contain useful information, can sometimes seem like an impossibility.  The secret to writing a good blog post is putting your own stamp or spin on the chosen subject.

In order to post articles frequently you need to be productive and efficient enough to have a flow of information already in your mind waiting to be written up and posted online.  Putting aside 20 minutes per day or even once a week to write an article can seem like a chore sometimes, but the real problem lies in finding what works best for you.

Ascertain Your Productivity

Groundwork for any writer is work out when they're at their most productive.  That may include whichever part of the day they work best in.  Day or night?  Does your routine include music in the background or TV gently playing as you write your blog post.  If you're not sure what your own personal capabilities and limitations are try running some simple experiments.  Try gentle music or TV playing the background.  If that one doesn't work try complete silence.

How much work can you do depending upon the environment you're in?  You might think that writing with loud music in the background is really distracting, some people can be more productive this way.  Try and set yourself a weekly routine.  If it doesn't work tweak it until you're more comfortable.  You'll quickly discover when your most creative and your natural ebbs and flows.  Making your blog post writing much more enjoyable.

Refine Your Creativity

When you go through periods of writer's block you begin to understand how simple tasks can seem really hard.  This can often lead writer's to burn out and nothing being done for weeks or even months.

If you have a set schedule of blog posting, it's important to keep to that schedule, otherwise your readers can be confused and disenchanted.  You need to be able to keep their attention and keep them interested in order for them to read your blog.  I've said this in many of my previous blog posts that simply carrying around a notebook, can help you capture thoughts that may not come into your at a later date.  From these simple thoughts you can craft and build your blog post the way you want it.

Writing a 20 minute blog post means that your generating a well written article with concepts and delivering them efficiently.

Applying the Right Format

We're living in the age of the lazy reader i.e. people who no longer want to get their information from books, but instead want to switch on their mobile phones or tablets and Google their information.  People like their information to be easily digested and of good quality.  So find out what your readers want it give it to them!

Many writer's (myself included) will usually use bullet points or numbered points to break down relevant information.  This is a great way to make a blog post scanner friendly and hold your readers attention.  Also by writing around 500 words per post, this gives your readers intensely focused content wrapped up in valuable information, without taxing the minds too much.

By focusing your efforts and improving your content process you can have a writing routine that works for you and your readers.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments about your blog post writing routine.

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