7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Use Blogger to Create Your Website

Blogger is for Blogs Not Websites

Wrong!  In the early days, yes, it was the forerunner but these days it can be used as an excellent tool to create a full-blown website. I have no hesitation in using Blogger to create a website.

For web designers its an excellent Content Management System tool, but unlike Wordpress its free with no hosting costs and a free sub-domain name given.  No fees fees for using plugins or connecting to your custom domain name.  Before I give too much away here are the 9 reasons why Blogger is the best for creating websites.

1 It's Free

No hosting cost involved, ad free, free sub-domain provided, making it cheaper than everyone else.  You receive yourwebsite.blogspot.com which is okay if you're interested in running your website as more of hobby.

2 Simple Custom Domain Integration

You can purchase a domain name through Google Domains, or use a hosting company such Hostgator or Bluehost, I've been using Hostgator for a while now as my domain host.  Your old .blogspot address will automatically redirect to your new domain name, with all of your website being displayed under your new name.

Domain names are usually quite reasonably priced and can be purchased for as low as $5 for an annual .com license, webhosting  can range anywhere between $50 to $500 a year, depending upon the amount of space, security and other features you require.  Blogger has no hosting costs.  Sounds to good to be true.

3 Free Hosting

People used to be put off at the lack of support for PHP.  That is no longer a problem, contact forms can easily be created and embedded using Cognito Forms to create and host your form.  Gone are the days of a limited amount of static pages.  How is all of this possible?

4 Owned by Google

Part of the huge Google family, you're always guaranteed a quality and dependable service.  With blogger you also need a Google account which gives you access to Google Drive, Youtube, Google and so much more.

5 Effortless SEO

You can easily label your blog posts with keywords, insert a description while your indexing your website.  Because it's a Google owned product your well coded and hosted, giving you excellent performance and speed.  Other useful tools that work hand-in-hand are Google Analytics, Google Adsense and Google Webmaster tools.  You upload your sitemap within seconds while getting basic data about your website.

6 Straightforward to Learn and Use

When I first started blogging it was my first blogging platform, after using Wordpress I came back to Blogger because I knew how easy was to set up.  For any first time blogger I would always recommend Blogger, as a really good testing ground for a new blog.  You can access a wide selection of templates within Blogger but also find plenty of templates free online.  With an easy-to-use dashboard you can easily drag and drop default sections and move around widgets to suit your customisation needs.

7 Lots of Gadgets

You have a lot of gadgets to choose from that can be added to the header, footer or body of the blog page. Adding adsense, Google search and follow by email can all be tailor-made for your own needs.  You can code anything by inserting the right HTML/Java script into your Blogger template.

Read more about Blogger in my eBook Powered By Blogger: Start a Blogger Blog and Make Money Online.

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