How to Recycle Your Old Blog Posts

After a blog post has been created, it can easily be forgotten about and get pushed to the bottom of the pile.

All that hard word can often get forgotten about, you need to remind people about all of those blog posts you wrote in the beginning of your blog.

You're probably thinking that no one wants read a blog post that's old.  You need to look at what have and give it new life online again.

Thankfully the process of recycling your older blog posts can bring new life and a more proitable blog.

Start Recycling Your Old Blog Posts

Start by looking into your analytics, see which blog posts were traffic magnets.  These are the posts that never go out of fashion.

Usually people gravitate towards the most relevant content and the posts that offer value to readers all of the time.

You can begin by reposting them on social media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter etc.).  You're blogging journey has come a long way since you joined social media, so why not show your new followers some of your older blog posts.

Discover What Your Audience Likes Reading

The more you look into your analytics the more you begin to realise which blog posts your reader's really like.  You can use this to grow your audience and build on your success!

Add even more value to your blog by reaching out to other markets within your genre.  You can engage new people by simply repositioning your content.

Update Your Blog Posts

This is something I like to do ever once in a while, especially really old content.  There's no harm in rejuvinating your content and giving it new life, by updating it.  You can use the same blog post by updating the information in it, just remember not to mention any specific dates.

Create a New Format 

You could go really crazy and turn your blog post into a YouTube video or slideshare.  This brings new attention to what used to be a tired blog post.

It's important to give your audience fresh content but it's also important not to let old content disappear out of view completely.

Tell me your thoughts about repurposing your blog content in the comments below.

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