[Blog Images] Pairing Your Fonts Like a Pro

There's an art to pairing fonts, its not as easy as it looks.  In this guide I'm going to give you some easy tips to create your own designs, allowing you to create designs that flow and have texture.

Understand your font types

In PicMonkey there are many different types of fonts, but they're broken down into five main categories: Serif, Sans Serif, Handwriting, Script and Display.  PicMonkey has other themed fonts, but we're going to check out the most basic fonts for the moment.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

These can make great headline grabbers or great for accentuating a point. They'd be difficult to find in a large body of text but great for catching someone's eye.


A lot of these can look like someone's real handwritten script, and some, such as Bilbo Swash Caps, are more calligraphic than others.  Great for special occasions such as weddings.


These fonts are meant to mimic someone's handwriting, and some, such as Edo, can seem bold and loud.  If you want something a bit more subtle you could try Sue Ellen Francisco.  These fonts are perfect for crafts and cards.

Sans Serifs

As the name implies these are fonts without serifs.  This gives them a more clean and modern look.  Usually used for minimalist designs and easier to read on screen.


A more distinguished font that makes your text look more classic and clean, they've been around since Times Old Roman.

Pick a font with feeling

Choose a font that suits your feeling, something you want your audience to feel as well, when they read your blog post/advertisement/flyer/invitation etc.

Give your readers the right vibe and ask yourself how does that font make me feel?  

Choosing a busy font such as Jiggler for a business document would make what saying less serious than say a Serif font.  So choose carefully!

Don't go too overboard and use too many fonts, stick to two or three at the most.  Stick with fonts that compliment each other.

Find the right balance

When you pair up a font is needs to strike the right balance between to the opposites.

So why not turn inspiration into action!  Indulge your creativity and try out PicMonkey Premium.

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