[Blog Images] How to Choose the Best Fonts for Your Business

Your company brand can easily be defined by which font you choose, this shows just how powerful fonts are to making your brand more recognizeable online.  You need look no further than Coca Cola with its white swirly font on a red background.  Pairing the same fonts consistently will help people recognize your business, so it's important to really think about which fonts you think are going to be suitable for your brand.

What should you be looking for to create beautifully crafted images?  The following tips will show you how to choose fonts that will give your brand a professional look.

Use No More Than Two

To stop your designs looking messy, choose no more than two fonts.  You should consider two fonts, one for titles and headlines and the other for body text.  Check out your favourite brands and take note of how many fonts they use and how they use them.

Use Serif and sans serif

Serif and sans serif refers to the little feet and tails at the end of letter you see on fonts like Times New Roman.  "Sans serif" simply means without serif or no tails or feet.

These fonts are normally easy to read, making there letters stand out from one another, which is why it's usually a top choice for text to appear on all screens. Serif fonts usually convey a more sophisticated feel and give a classier look to your message.  A great combination would be to use serif fonts for titles and sans serif for body text.

Apply the squint test

PicMonkey has a ton of fonts ready to use, including caligraphy inspired creations.  You can use these fonts for logos but thinks twice before you use them in the draft body of a document.

Suitable absurdity

You can create feelings by choosing the right kind of font for your own brand, if you're looking for a creepier font why not try sinister scrawl or undead text fonts.  Although these are great for certain holidays I wouldn't recommend them for your everyday use.

Contemplate Colours

Marketing materials may include coloured titles but I wouldn't recommend using colours on the body of the text.  Always make sure your images pass the squint test!


You can discover new ideas all over the place.  Check out Pinterest or look up "fonts" on Google.  Take note of font combinations you see in shop windows, magazines and advertisements, take pictures of your inspiration to keep track of what you've seen.

You can pick up fonts from free resources, and many artists sell font combinations,  Make sure you ask their permission before you use them.

You can find a number of fonts on PicMonkey for your business designs, you'll find them in Text Tab of the editor.  If you can't find what you need then any fonts you have installed on your computer will also show up in PicMonkey in the Yours tab of the Text Tool.

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