10 Ready-to-Use Blog Post Templates

Every writer at some point gets writer's block.  One day you're sitting at your computer but your well is dry.

This happens to me every now and again.

I have my bag of tricks that I turn to to help those writing juices to flow:

Make a list of future articles
Look at what other bloggers are writing about for possible ideas
As a last resort I'll have a break from my computer and just relax my mind

Often times all you need is a really great hook.

An idea that is one of a kind.

I'm going to show you 15 templates that you can use to help solve your writing drought.

1. Prophecy Post

These work particularly well at the start of the year, or towards the end.

Take a look at what your competitors are writing about and create a blog post with your predictions for the new year.

This kind of blog post are really interesting and fun to creat but also help propell you to the top of your field.

2. Stuff You Might Not Know About Me

Every blogger should do a post like this.

Get your community's attention by revealing what goes on behind the curtain.  Give them a sneak peak into your life.

People long for relationships with others, show them a bit of your personality.

3. Why I Don't Do ....

News channels flourish when there's controversy in the air, here are some helpful hints:

Why I Don't Do Fitness
Why I Don't Do Affiliate Marketing
Why I Don't Do Tinder

4. The Famous Person Guide

See what's hot right now and link it into your market.

Some examples:

The Bill Gates Guide to IT
The Beyonce Guide to Beauty
The Oprah Winfrey Guide to Social Media

5. Case Studies

Case studies are like really good stories, everyone loves a great story.

Revealing how someone got to their goal is something everyone wants to know.


How I Get 5,000 Visitors a Day
My Journey To The #1 Spot in Google
How I Lost 70 Pounds in 90 Days

If you really want to be a top market leader in your field start writing some case studies, and people will start following you along on your journey.

6. The Product Showdown

Try down a comparison showdown with some of your favourite products, by sharing the pros and cons of each.

For example:

Hostgator Vs. Bluehost
Odesk Vs. Fiverr

Your giving your readers valuable information about both to help them decide which is best.

7. ... Things You Must Do After ....

An entertaining blog post that nearly always a winner. It plays on your readers natural interest.

10 Things You Must Do After Writing a Blog Post
5 Things You Must Do After Every Date
8 Things You Must Do After Every Workout

8. How to ... in (X Number of Days/Hours)

Pretty similar to a case study and another really popular template.

How to Generate 10,000 Visitors in 7 Days
How to Get 100 Retweets a Day
How to Get the Perfect Figure in a Month

9. The Experimental Blog Post

Set yourself a little experiment of doing something in 30 days, and then post your progress throughout that period.

Some examples:

My 30 Day Social Media Detox
My 30 Day Weight Loss Journey

10.  The Complete Pillar Post

If you're a new blogger, you can't go wrong with this particular blog post.

The 'pillar article' usually has more than 1,000 words, it gives your readers a lot of value.

Your 'pillar post' should inspire people, create a new perspective and get people to think outside the box.

Here are some examples:

30 Steps to 1,500 Visitors Per Day
The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing
How to Create a Google+ Landing Page

Use these 10 blog post ideas to get your voice heard and stand out from the crowd.

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