[Self-Hosting Basics] How to Build a Website

If you're at the beginning stages of starting a website, it can seem like a lot of work.  Often people opt for a simpler route and hire a web designer to do the hard work for them.  With so many tools and tutorials available anyone can build a high quality blog from scratch, in less time.

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a professional to do the job for you, but many people can't afford the budget to hire someone from the very beginning.  When your website is becoming more profitable it's an investment to be looked at further down the line.

If you want a blog up and running, fully functioning as soon as possible, continue reading.  Follow me through the process of starting your first website and some of featured tools I recommend.


Setup Hosting and Domain

To begin with make sure your website is purchased and your hosting is all set up.  There are an assortment of places to purchase your domain, including Hostgator.  Similarly with hosting, Hostgator is a good choice for beginners because of it's easy setup.

After your hosting and website are all setup you'll need to start thinking about your basic framework, so you can start forming the structure of your new website.


Pick the Right Framework

With many website frameworks and builders to choose from.  I've highlighted some popular choices below:

✢Using Hostgator's Site Builder

Website builder is provided by Hostgator, that enables you to setup your website in a matter of minutes.  If you choose a shared hosting plan with Hostgator, this service is included for free within your hosting package.

✣Using CMS like WordPress

If you're more tech savvy and prefer to use a fully-developed management system, I recommend you give WordPress a go.  I've used it myself in the past, and it's really good!   If you've already chosen Hostgator hosting, go to your Cpanel and try out the QuickInstall process to install Wordpress for free.

If you have WordPress installed you can choose from a vast variety of paid and free themes.  Simply download the theme, upload it by going to Appearance>Add>New>Upload Theme.

Try customizing your theme by navigating to Appearance>Customize within WordPress.

Create One From Scratch

Starting a website from scratch will take a lot of patience, trial and error and experimentation.  If you have the know-how already it can be a really worthwhile process.  If you like getting your hands dirty, you'll need to know some basic coding.

Resources such as CodeAcademy and W3Schools will help you learn how to code.  You'll discover the languages needed to learn in order to build your website including HTML, CSS, and PHP.  Allowing you to build a website to your own specifications.

There's no harm in learning some basic coding skills, even if you're not building your website from scratch.  Basic coding skills will help you to become more enjoyable knowing that you can customise and maintain your website, no matter the platform.  Try out the HTML cheat sheet for a quick read.

Which Route Should I Take?

Depending upon your overall goals, you might want a blog that acts like a virtual business card, you could choose Weebly website tool supplied by Hostgator.

If you want a full-fledged website suite to grow and build your own online business, then look no further than WordPress, this can grow with your own company.

If you really like the idea of getting your hands dirty and want to know the in's and out's of your website.  Knowing that it will take a lot of time before a basic version of your website is live.

My personal choice is to use Hostgator's hosting, along with QuickInstall of WordPress.  You can read up on coding knowledge and customize your WordPress to your own liking.

There many ways to build a website.  The above three are just some of the most common ways Hostgator users build their websites.  So why not give it a go!  Click the button below to get your new website started!

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