How to Use PicMonkey to Create Amazing Images for Your Blog

Why you need images in content marketing

Images were not that necessary a few years ago, this meant you could get away with not using them and instead concentrate on text only content.  These days all of that has changed and visual content is a "must have" on the internet, if you really want to stay relevant.

10 great reasons to include images in your content:
  1. Easy, cheap and free to create really eye popping images for your readers (images used in this post were created using PicMonkey).
  2. Show off your product without going to over the top.
  3. Share images on almost every social networking site.
  4. People process images much faster than text based content.
  5. Conveying a message is much easier with an image.
  6. Readers are immediately drawn to an attractive image in a busy news feed.
  7. Written content appears shorter and easier to consume when images are there to break up the text.
  8. Skimming is the way most people look through content online, providing suitable images makes your article easier to understand.
  9. Blog posts with images are more likely to get read than those without.
  10. Emotions are affected through images.
Graphic Designer

You wear many hats when you're a blogger, whether it be writer, editor and even graphic designer.  Don't worry you don't need to know everything, just enough to size images and make them look good.  You need to know how to make buttons and widgets for your blog as well as how to add text to an image.  I use PicMonkey all of the time for my blogs images.  It's one of my favourite blogging tools.  I'm no designer but I use it for free because its easier and cheaper than a program such Photoshop.  PicMonkey also provide two premium services:

PicMonkey Premium:

  • Store 50 images per month in their Hub
  • Sort Hub images
  • Use advanced touch up tools
  • Use their primo effects, overlays and fonts
  • Re-edittable images in Hub
  • Use top-shelf templates
  • No ads

PicMonkey Supremium:
  • Unlimited Hub storage
  • Organize Hub with Collections
  • Use advanced touch up tools
  • Primo effects, overlays and fonts
  • Re-editable images in Hub
  • Use top-shelf templates
  • No ads
This is How I Use PicMonkey For My Blog

Fonts Aplenty!

There are so many fonts in PicMonkey to choose from!  You can either start from scratch and create your own canvas or you can use an image you already have to add text to.  You can choose whichever font to suite your mood.

Having these in your blog graphics would kick your blog graphics up a notch or two. By simply adding a catchy phrase or with an image, you could take your blog to a whole other level!

Effects and Textures

With a big selection of textures and effects you make any picture look magical.  I have very little experience with arty stuff but find PicMonkey a life saver when it comes to creating images for my blog.

If help is required they offer easy-to-follow tutorials, a really fab blog to help you make your way around and drop them a line for any extra help you might require.

PicMonkey's features

Create Your Own Canvas

Want a funky border or style? Want to create shape, add speech or arrows?

The features and functions provided by PicMonkey is something you can play around with for hours.  Here's something I created within 5 minutes, an image deserving of any Facebook or Twitter page.

With the tools and filters PicMonkey offers you can create a professional image that really catches the eyes.

Once you've created your own custom graphics you can post them on social media and around the web, no matter your blog size you brand really does matter.

Why not create a quote, they're really popular these days.  You could create one for your niche or industry, use a quote that is suited to your industry.

Quick Note: If you want to take your photo editing and creation to another level you can purchase "Royale" for $2.75, the cost of a coffee, per month (or 9 cents a day).
So there it is, images you can produce easily and quickly, and have a whole lot of fun with!  Get Started with PicMonkey

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