How to Effectively Monetize Your Blog

Once you've started you're own blog you can start looking into ways to generate money online.  Most people give up before they've got past the first hurdle and don't make any money at all.  But never give up!  You won't make money over night but you will start to build a readership and customer base over time and the money will start coming.

There are many techniques that can be used to get you started to earning cash.  But don't be discouraged, if something doesn't work you try something else and start building on that.

Hopefully there'll be something in this list that will help you earn money online.

1. Tip Jar/Donations

This method is often bypassed by a lot of bloggers.  You can ask your readers to donate a small amount to keep your website running.  You can do this with PayPal.Me, by placing a simple button somewhere visible on your main page.

2. Email Marketing

You can build an email list when people register or sign up via email.  You can build a brand and recommend your own products or eBooks, workshops etc which will help people to continue returning to your website.

3. Membership

Many magazines and newspapers are using this method due to low sales figures.  You can offer extra benefits to your readers with a premium membership.

4. Services

Many blogs are started as a service, offering coaching, financial help, secretarial services etc.  You can charge your clients for your professional services through your website.  This is a good steady income stream to have, especially when you're blogging.

5. Teaching Program

Create your own courses and sell them on your blog.  You can do this through companies such as Udemy, you can learn how to create your own online course and find your niche, and start marketing your courses on your website.

6. Write Your Own Ebook

This is one of the most popular ways to make money on your blog.  With the introduction of Apple IPad and Amazon Kindle, or platforms such as Payhip you can sell your ebooks independantly or to a wider audience such as Amazon.

7. Sell Your Own Products

If you already have a hobby, why not use that to start your own website and start selling your products on there.  With a website the world's your oyster!

8. Sell Other People's Stuff

When you're writing blog posts you can place affiliate links within each link and sell other people's products.  One of the best placest to start is Amazon Associates. You have thousands of different products to choose from, and you can use your affiliate links on Twitter to.

9. PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click)

Sign up to Google Adsense and integrate and customise your own advertising within your blog or website.  It's a lot easier than it sounds.  You will need lots of traffic for this one.

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