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Do you want to add energy to your photos?  Make your images more entertaining?  Sharpen your marketing materials?  A fabulous way to do this is by adding some simple text to your images.  You don't need to say much if you have the right kind of image, these days you can use flyers, memes, announcements, invitations etc.,  by adding a few strategically placed words to a photograph to get your message across.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win
Creating a blog isn't just about writing a good article but combining other elements such as slides, charts, videos and images to make your content more appealing.

How to add text to a picture in PicMonkey
  1. Click edit on the PicMonkey homepage and choose your photo's location from the storage options that display in the gray bar.
  2. Click Text tab (or the "Tt" icon on the left-hand side of the Editing panel) and open the text tool.
  3. Scroll down and choose a font you like.
  4. Then click the Add text button at the top of the tab to add a text box to your photo.
  5. Place the words where you want them to be, then type them out.
  6. Change the colour, size, fade, justification, and style by using the Text Palette.
  7. You can either save to Hub or Export to your PC hard drive, or share right from PicMonkey.
PicMonkeys Font Library

You can choose from PicMonkeys vast selection of fonts, which is being constantly updated.  They can be more easily defined in  six categories:

Sans Serif

Thought to be the most legible fonts that can be seen on a screen, they have a clean, modern look.


They can give validity to your words, so are mostly used in business cases.


Useful for craft projects, giving a more human look, they look more casual and approachable.


Fabulous for special occasions, they can look simple and hand-drawn to fancy and ornate.


If you're looking to making a statement, these fonts can be both eye-catching and bold.


If you're looking for a font with a more tech-y-feel then look no further.

Useful text resources

Discover useful tutorials that will help you in pairing fonts, as well as typographic hierarchy, helping your images look more professional.  You can also find the best fonts to suit your business.  Why not try getting really fancy with these text effects and curved text tools.

Why not use your own fonts

Don't despair if you can't find the font want with PicMonkey, try adding any font that you have on your computer to your photos.  Try out some free front resources to help you explore your next font obsession.

Want access to more of PicMonkeys great fonts and features?  Try Premium membership for free!

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