How to Start a Blogger Blog and Make Money

Why I Started Blogging

The potential and power within a blog is valuable yet simple and inexpensive tool for getting your thoughts across.  Millionaires have been made, writers have been discovered and businesses have been built.  All through the medium of a blog.

Blogging can lead to countless opportunities both personal and financial.

With such a powerful tool combined with social media can create massive exposure unheard of before the internet.

Starting a blog will not only change your life but also help you to sort and analyze your thoughts and topics in a way you never thought possible.

My Story

After a long period of illness I started looking for something manageable that would give me a goal so I started creating and  running very basic websites and blog's and later on started up a hosted website with Hostgator. and keep my mind off my depression.  That was when I stumbled across Hubpages that was when I started experimenting with websites and blogs.  I threw myself into content writing, using websites such as Hubpages

As time went on I gained more knowledge, discovered ways to improve my blog and make it user friendly, customising it, along the way I was making mistakes and taking notes.  These were invaluable and meant I could go back to them if I needed to, that's when I started to discover my niche, which was "writing".

Along the way I discovered Google Adsense and Amazon Associates, to sell advertising on my blog and content writing pages.  Once my blog was created it was a case of maintaining and marketing my name online.

Everyone has there own way of making a blog successful, so "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again".

Start a Blogger Blog in 10 Minutes

Go to www.blogger.com

Enter your gmail and password

Click new blog button

Type in the title of your new blog in title box

Type in short address of blog's title in the address box

IMPORTANT if title taken choose another one.  Be brave use your imagination

  1. Select a template from the options provided
  2. Click create blog button
  3. Create a post
  4. Click on new post button
  5. Put in the title of your new post

Type up post in post field below post box.  Check it over for spelling mistakes or gramatical errors and then publish.


Blogging Essentials

Definition of a blog:
A regularly updated website or webpage, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Originally a blog was similar to writing an online journal, updated daily by the author.  Over the past ten years software programs have improved making the blogging process easy.

Starting a blog post is easy just type up your post, press publish and it's out there for the world to see.  If you're not that technical you can start a blog easily with a free platform,

How Easy is it to Start a Blog?

With over 20 million blogs in existence, it can't be that hard, there are plenty of articles and websites to draw upon if help is required.

Does it Cost to Blog?

Use a free blogging platform and take the plunge.  Later on you can move up to a self-hosted platform, such as Hostgator.  Having a self-hosted blog can be inexpensive and you can buy a domain name for as little as $12.95 a year.

Blogging Platform's

All option's listed are free.  I'll go through the self-hosting option in the next part of this blog:

Blogger.com - My personal favourite and preferred free platform, owned by Google.  Customizable, domain name will include "blogspot.com".  You can customize it with your own domain name.

Tumblr.com - The least customizable, but the simplest platform to use, could be a good starting point.

Wordpress.com - Again Wordpress is free, has an easy dashboard to use, you can personalise it but it will also include "Wordpress.com".

Wordpress.org - The difference witth "Wordpress.org" is simple, it's a self-hosted platform.  You can use a platform like Hostgator to host your blog,

Simple Tips to Set Up a Self-Hosted Blog

Advantages of Being Self-Hosted

More customisable and you can choose your domain name without for example Blogspot.com on the end.  People will remember you a lot easier that way

Choosing Your Domain Name

Start by writing a list of words that relate to your website/blog.  A .com name is more memorable and will be more valuable than any other extension you choose.

You can purchase your domain name through these well-known companies below:
After purchasing your domain name use a company such as Hostgator as your platform, this makes the process much simpler.

Choosing a Good Self-Hosted Platform

I recommend a larger company which is more reliable, well established and has a good track record.

It's worth paying a little extra just to know peace of mind, again Hostgator gave me the best service when I needed it.

Hosting Companies With the Best Customer Support:

Hostgator - You can start from as little as $4.86 a month.

Bluehost - Their packages start from $6.95 per month

Dreamhost - Starting price is $8.95, a bit more than the others, but again gives great customer service.

How Can You Make Money From a Blog?  And How Long Does it Take?

So many people don't understand the value of blogging and how you can make a living from it.  For the most part they don't grasp the potential of a blog and that it can be a small business.  This next section will shed a bit of light on monetising your blog/website.

CPC Ad Networks

I've always used Google's own Adsense program, the ad's used in my blog relate in some way or other to what I'm blogging about, which makes it more beneficial for the reader.

If your blog is about insurance your advertising would reflect that.

CPC is pay per click, which means every time someone clicks on an ad, that money automatically goes into your Adsense account.

CPM Ad Networks

CPM is the cost per 1,000 impressions, you pay for each 1,000 views of your ad.  If a website publisher charges $2 per cpm, the advertiser must pay $2 for every 1,000 impressions of its ad.You can use these alongside Adsense.  Below are a list of companies you can check out:
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is making money through referral's to a product someone else has created.  As an affiliate your reward will come when the purchase is made.

See below for a list of affiliate companies:
Direct Ad Sales

You can sell ad space from your website/blog to advertiser's.  It's certainly worth looking into.

How long does it take to make money from a blog?

Blogging is not "a get rich quick" scheme, you need to put time and effort into it to gain the reward's on offer.  I've researched and read a lot of different blog's and looked into how long it would take for a blog to take off.  I came to the conclusion that if you're a novice/beginner and have never blogged before, the time frame can be more than a year to get started and established.  If you have experience on the Internet, and understand the basics of setting up your blog, sorting your advertising and customising your blog to make it user friendly, you have the knowledge there for faster growth and monetary gain.

That's why sticking with your idea and doing thorough research, making mistakes and learning along the way are all vital.  If your not making money need to ask yourself why?  Stick with it and discover what work's for you, and always be willing to learn new things.  That way you'll always progress and grow a successful blog/small business.

The 50 Million Dollar Question, How Do I Get Traffic to My Blog?

When your blog is published, sadly there won't be a huge wave of people reading your blog.  That's where writing blog posts frequently really comes in.

Below are some tips on building traffic:

Search Engines

Put your blog on search engines such as; Google or Bing.


Increase your traffic from search engines with these directories:
Commenting on Blog's and Forum's

Comment on blog's that relate to your subject matter, using language that is both thoughtful and provocative.  Blogging is a social community so don't be afraid to put those comments out there, you'll be highly rewarded for doing so.

Search for forums in your topic area and leave comments linking to your blog.  Visitor's Googling your topic will pick up on these comments and find your link, don't use it for self-promotion. The Internet is an environment of "give and you shall receive", if you stick to this the reward's will come.

Article and Content Writing

You can submit your articles and include a link back to your blog.  Below are a few worth looking at:
Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly

Search engines like the more established websites and blog's, that make blog's and websites more reputable.  That's why it's important to get links from directories, and other websites and blogger's.  The more your blog grows the more likes you'll get and your traffic will grow, this will take time so don't be dismayed "build it and they will come".

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or search engine optimisation is a science/art in itself, your target is getting high ranking within Google, the biggest of all the search engines, with it you'll gain free traffic.  You could try using SEMrush as a tool to gain more traffic through website analysis, keyword research and research reports to get ahead of your competitors

When you start blogging make sure you research everything thoroughly, get to know how it works, know it inside and out.  With a good working knowledge you'll go far.

Google's aim is to build a perfect search engine so that anyone looking for a particular subject matter, person or thing will find the most relevant information.  Never trick a search engine, that's a bad idea, it will always end in punishment of some kind.  Make your content and subject matter clear and everything else will fall into place.

Make it Sticky

When someone lands on my homepage I want them to stay and look around, in order to keep their attention I do the following:

Create Stand Alone Pages

The more posts you write, you'll discover they slowly disappear.  I've created stand alone pages in order to keep the most relevant blogs up to date and easy to find.

Linking to my own content

Leave at least 2 or 3 links at the end of each blog post.

Title Tags

Your title tag is what shows up on the top of your browser window.  It determines what your site is about.  Think of something simple and eye catching such as "Joanne's Art/Art, Illustration and Other Stuff".

Anchor Text

Anchor text is used for linking text such as “a search engine” then linking it to Google search.  Use a link like, a brilliant search engine and link it directly to Google.  Anchor text lets search engines know what your site is about.


I've used Google Keywords tool for ideas on what people are searching for.  It's a good guide and will let you know what people are looking for in your particular field.

Beyond the Basics

In this section I'm going to show you how a few tweaks here and there that will make the world of difference to your earnings.

When you write something and put your own stamp on it, you'll attract your own audience, testing and trying out new things is important and will help your blog grow.

Terms and Conditions

When you put ads on your blog its a requirement to add terms and conditions and a privacy policy.  With spammer's on the increase Internet users are concerned about who sees their personal information.  When you use Adsense its highly important  you make people aware of your way of earning money, Google requires you to make this known on your website/blog.  Without any terms and conditions or privacy policy, your website may suffer and your earnings significantly trimmed.

Ads at Eyeball Height

When I write my blog posts, I want my blog layout to be user friendly for my readers.  Ad placement is important when your trying to make money with Adsense or any other company your using for advertising.  I can't stress enough how experimenting with your ads can be be.  Moving them around, using different ad sizes is key to your earning potential.  At the top of your blog to your header is always best.  Your footer at the bottom of the page is another hot spot.

Colours of Ad Placements

Many would say make them big, bold and ugly to grab attention.  I would go with a more subtle approach and blend them into my blog page as much as possible, a mix of text and picture ads.

Write Content People want to Read

I use my own experience as a reader of blog's to think about what people want to read about.  Mix your content with personality, mentioning about yourself every now and again, so that your blog isn't too bland, it will breath life into your blog.  The more your research and look up material, the more you'll understand what people are looking for.

Benefits of Adding a Google Search box to Your Blog

By adding this your blog you're helping your visitor's find the information they're looking for and will make you some extra money at the same time.

Link Analytics to Adsense

This is quite a new idea with Google and will help you gain insight into which blog posts are making the most money, which keywords are used and where you get your best traffic from.

A Brief Note Before You Start Your Blog

Before you start your blog its important that I point out that blogging won't make you rich quickly. You need to plan it out, develop it and build it over time, to make money from it.

Research, Research, Research

This I can't say enough, study other people's blogs, use the information you've gathered wisely and make your own mark on the web.  "Content is King", great writing will draw your audience in.

Use Google to solve any problem's you have, the information is out there for you to tap into.

Be Productive

Find your own way of being productive, writing isn't easy and writing a fresh blog post can seem like a monumental task, stay focused and don't let social media bog you down or get in your way.  Yes it's an important part of building traffic but spending long periods doing nothing else will get you no where.

Most of All

This is a simple guide for anyone wanting to create their own small business on the Internet through blogging.  If you don't enjoy it or don't care about it don't do it,but if you have an idea I'd definitely say go with your instinct and take it all the way.  The sky's the limit!

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