6 Great Reasons to go Self-Hosted

Different people choose different platforms for various reasons.  If you're in a situation at the moment where you feel like you want to take the plunge and start your own blog, and have the money to do so, I'd recommend the self hosted route.

Even though my current situation is with Blogger, there are many advantages to having your own self-hosted website.  Check out those reasons below:

1. Custom Domain Name

Having a catchy name for your blog is great but when its tied up with blogspot.com or wordpress.com it takes a bit more remembering.  Having a .com name makes your blog name short and sweet and easy to remember.  Having a short catchy name goes a long way when someone is trying to remember a post from your blog.  Grab your own domain name here:

2. Site Customisation

You have a larger choice of templates when you buy a self-hosted blog.  There are thousands of themes and plugins to create the blog you want.  Wordpress has become one of the most popular platforms to use.

3. More Features through a Self-Hosted Blog

Free blogging platforms can be pretty limiting, but with self-hosting you get things like one-click installs, access to analytical data, site back ups and FTP access.

4. Multiple Blogs Under One Roof

If you're interested in starting more than blog you can purchase one self-hosting package with unlimited websites at your fingertips.

5. More Space

Many self-hosting packages come with unmetered website space, so you don't need to worry if you're website is too big and have to start paying for extra space.

6. Tailored Email Address

You can create your own email address to match your website.  Giving you an edge with your competitors.

If you're confident enough and know what you want from your blog then go for self-hosted.

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