Selling Digital Products on Your Blog

Over the years I've been blogging I've used self-hosted websites and websites hosted by Blogger.  It always depends on my circumstances as to which option I go for.

My current arrangement  is made up of Blogger hosting and Hostgator domain name.  Which gives me the freedom of a blogger blog and the dot com name, which makes my website costs a lot cheaper.

I use Bloggers simple template for preference.  I have tried using various other templates, but always came back to simple in the end.

I use PicMonkey to create the images for my blogs widgets, so all in all my blog is run on a pretty simple system.

If you want to start selling services and products on your blog without hiring extra help and without knowing much about code you can find some easy tips below:

1.  Integrate a Payment form or Processor

If you want to start selling your own downloads their are various companies you can use to do this:

Payhip - A company I've used in the past that's easy to integrate and who offer coupons and discounts to tempt your readers.  Also Selz and Gumroad both really good services for selling digital downloads.

If you're selling a service you can use Cognito forms which integrates Stripe into its form for receiving payment.

2.  Get a Customisable Blogger Theme

If you want a particular look or theme to your blog their are a number of websites that offer Blogger templates:
These are just a few, you can also add your own landing page and popups with Wufoo and Mailchimp.

All of these things can be tailored to your own needs, you need to find out and discover what works for you and your blog. The best way to do this is to try things out, if it doesn't work you can always change things later on.

What tools do you use on your website?  Share in the comments.

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