Are You Easy to Find?

If you're aspiring to greater things as a writer, having a blog or website is essential.  Its your beacon for literary agents looking for new writers giving them easy access to contact you for future nterviews or publishing deals.

Don't be Frightened to Set Up a Blog

Many people think that by setting up a blog they'll get hacked straight away and their private information stolen.  Its a fear felt by most people and one that is unfounded.

Making yourself available through a number of channels opens up new opportunities and is valuable for amateur writers wanting to make a real career from their writing.

Here are four simple steps to be more visible online:

1.  Start a Blog

You can create a blog for many reasons, you don't need to tell the world about every little thing going on in your life.  You can put a simple about me page up to give your readers a short introduction to who you are and why you're on the internet.  Nothing complicated just enough to let people know you're genuine.  If you've written a book or want to write a book, blog about it.

2. Open a Social Media Account

There's no harm in opening a social media account, I know there are people that still don't have one, but if you're looking to start a writing it's a lifeline and an opening to a whole new world of building bridges and making money online.  It's like anything in life, you must use it regularly to get the most out of it, otherwise its a pointless activity.

3.  Check Your Email Regularly

If you want literary agents  to find you, check your email at regular intervals.  You'll find editors and agents don't procrastinate and work on deadlines constantly, so they won't hang around.  Use your mobile phone to make regular checks just in case you miss anything.

4.  Take Simple Steps to Protect Yourself from Spam

Any comments or email you received can be filtered or easily deleted.  You can protect yourself in various ways by checking for any unwanted attention through Google Webmaster or your websites dashboard.  Simply add your sitemap and check your blog weekly for unwanted attention.  If you have problems with email messages or unwanted comments you can mark your comments as spam and delete them or you can filtetr your emails.

I'd love to hear your comments about being seen on the internet as an author.