Why You Should Make Writing a Regular Habit in Your Life

Since I started blogging, I've been pushing myself to write more and more each week.  I currently write three blog posts, one newsletter as well as various eBooks along the way.

Benefits of Writing

Writing as often as I can has benefited my life immensely in so many ways including:
  • Improving my writing skills
  • More writing practise equals faster writing
  • Clearer thinking as a result of regular writing
  • Deeper learning through life reflection
  • Motivation improvement because of regular writing
  • With Motivation comes regular exercise and eating healthily
  • Distraction and procrastination become a thing of the past

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There are so many benefits to writing regularly, from being more certain and confident to expressing yourself through words.

How is possible to write regularly with a busy life? You can discover some the tips that work for me.

Guide to Writing Daily

Everyone has different thought's on what works for them, but these are some of the tips that help me:

✦Reason to write - Have a reason to write something. Even if its what you do each day or if you want to make someone smile express that in a short short or poem.

Take 15 minutes a day - Set time aside, doesn't have to be very long.  Make it a point each day to write in that 15 minute time frame.  Shut the world out, make it your time and just write.

Always Remember - It's like forgetting an important appointment.  Make a note in your calendar every week to do it.

Be thankful for what you have - The simple things that most of take for granted like a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, and living in a free country allows us certain freedoms that many don't have, enabling us to write freely.

Grasp your imperfection - Nobody's perfect, not even the really "great writer's" we all know and love.  If you make mistakes with your grammar and punctuation,embrace it.  Don't hide it.  It's what makes you you.

Don't escape the need to write - Every writer feels this.  When the urge is there but you can't find the words, distraction will creep up on you.  Don't run away, stick with it and write.

So in short, simple terms set yourself reminders, stay focused and write.

Doing this regularly will help you set-up good habits, helping you to be more grateful.  So make a start and do it now!

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  1. Good advice even for those who've been writing for years.