2 Great Reasons Why You Should be Using PicMonkey Royale

It takes time to make money blogging, creating your niche and building your audience.  If you get real satisfaction from blogging and creating your blog, you need really awesome graphics for your site.  That's where PicMonkey fits in.

PicMonkey has a really simple and easy-to-use dashboard for creating graphics, editing pictures, making collages and adding text to photos.  Really really simple, and the possibilities are endless.

The free section is great, but for just $4.99 per month you can use PicMonkey Royale (Premium) tools.

Fonts Aplenty!

Look at these!  A couple of these suckers and your blog will add that extra va va voom!

Having these in your blog graphics would kick your blog graphics up a notch or two.  By simply adding a catchy phrase or with an image, you could take your blog to a whole other level!

Effects and Textures

With a big selection of textures and effects you make any picture look magical.

I have very little experience with arty stuff but find PicMonkey a life saver when it comes to creating images for my blog.

If help is required they offer easy-to-follow tutorials, a really fab blog to help you make your way around and drop them a line for any extra help you might require.

Once you've created your own custom graphics you can post them on social media and around the web, no matter your blog size you brand really does matter.

If you're really unsure try a 7 day PicMonkey Trial for Free.

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