Increasing the Sales of Your eBook

If you're a fairly new author like me, pricing your eBook can be a challenge.

To be honest with you it's difficult to know what to charge, whether you should go cheaper or more expensive, there are many thoughts on both sides on pricing your eBook.   Especially when you've spent all of that time and effort creating your eBook.  So here are some important points to ponder when you price your eBook:

✤Most new eBook authors and independent novelists start their price point at $2.99.  It's often argued as being really cheap and devaluing to the work put in.  So your competition will most likely be around that price range or lower.  So the more well-known and trusted you are the higher price you can charge.

✤Amazon Kindle book sales are huge these days, accounting for at least 60-70% of all eBook sales in the US.  Having an Amazon author page is helpful for sales because this may be the only page your reader will look at before buying your book.  If you have reviews they also help towards the sale of your eBook, watched closely by all those in the business for visibility and sales.

✤If you charge $2.99 or over Amazon offer you a 70% commission on all sales of your eBooks.  Anything below that and the commission falls to a measly 35%.  Which is why so many authors switch their price between 99 cents and $2.99.  This helps maximise profit at the low price point.  Pushing them onto bestsellers lists.

Let me know your feelings about what price you would pay for an eBook in the comments below.

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