What You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish Your eBook

Before you publish your eBook you need to know about the services on offer and a little bit about the history of self-publishing.

The service below will publish and distribute your eBook files, but require you to do all of the preparation and uploading of your files.

  • Draft2Digital - Cost $0.  Distribution to everyone else.
  • Amazon KDP - Cost $0.  eBook distribution in Amazon.
  • IngramSpark - Cost $49.  Distribution everywhere but Amazon.
  • CreateSpace - Cost $0.  Print Distribution to Amazon.
  • BookBaby - Cost eBook conversion and distribution $199.

A Bit of History

In the old days of self-publishing a substantial amount of money was required to invest with a so-called "vanity" press.

By the late 90's this all changed with the arrival of POD (print-on-demand) allowing books to be printed one at a time.  These companies offered low-cost self-publishing to all.  Their costs were low because the only expense incurred was that of book creation.  These companies (iUniverse, Xlibris and Author House) (were merged and became Author Solutions) authors would sell only a few dozen copies at best.

Developments Since 2007

With the rise of eBooks traditional publishing has been transformed.  US book sales comprise of 30-35% of eBook sales.  Online retailers sell 60% of US book sales (both print and digital), principally through Amazon.  You can sell your eBook to the world without a third party helping you.

If you're publishing and selling your eBook yourself POD publishers are no longer relevant to your self-publishing success.

In today's online retail distribution you get the same retail distribution as you would with a traditional publishing house.  Through the above mentioned services.  Most of which is free.  With every copy sold the retailer takes a cut, the same applies to a distributor, they take their cut to.

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