Two Important Elements that Create Successful Blog Content

How do you create really great blog content? Content so good it goes viral. What are the elements most needed to create a successful blog post?

Two words that come to mind are uniqueness and usefulness. Without these your blog is dead in the water.

When you start writing and looking at your blog analytics, you discover which blog posts have been read the most.  Then you can start producing more of what your readers really want.

What Makes a Blog Post Useful and Unique?

Find Out What Your Readers Want

Ask your readers for advice and feedback, get their opinions and discover their needs.  You can do this through your blog posts or newsletter.

What Makes Blog Content Useful?

Useful content could be:

Education - Some blog readers prefer educational blogs as a topic.

Information - Many people like to have information at their fingertips and be informed of current issues.

News - Many blog readers like to be kept up-to-date with the latest news.

Every blog is useful in its own way.  Starting a blog and doing all of the above may not be the best idea and may put readers off.

What Makes Blog Content Unique?

Blogs are being created every second on nearly every topic imaginable, new bloggers have to think of blog topics that are going to stand out from the crowd and provide useful information that other bloggers aren't providing.

Best advice would be to see what your competition is doing.  As a new blogger you need to produce compelling content that will hold your readers attention and keep them interested.

It may take you a while find you blogging voice but the more you write the louder your voice will become.

What's the Difference Between Original and Unique Content?

Original definition - new; fresh; inventive; novel.
Unique definition - having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable.

When you're original your the first when you're unique you're exclusive or different.  So be both.

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