Write a Successful Series on Your Blog in 7 Steps

Doing a series of blog posts is a great way of keeping your readers engaged.

I'm going to show you how to start and finish your blogging series.

1. Pick a topic - As I've discussed in previous posts, a title is everything.  I've looked over past series that I've done and they all started with a single blog post - one of my first series was the Beginners Guide.  This began as one post but I slowly began to realise why not do more posts and turn it into a series.

Always make sure you choose a subject that will allow you to spread out your chosen subject.

2. Create a list - Lists are a staple part of my blogging style.  You can write about any subject with the help of some bullet points or numbers.  The list can be cut down or expanded upon depending upon the chosen subject matter.

3. Establish a target - Set yourself a goal of how many posts you want to write and how long you want each post to take.  This way you could do a series in a week.

4. Reveal the series - Make an announcement with a blog introduction post.  This lets your readers know what to expect, and how long it will be.  Also helps to keep you motivated.

5. Compose an introduction to the series - This is the post I use to introduce my series in.  The audience will be told about the upcoming topic and what it will be addressing.

6. Keep it fresh write a post everyday - This helps to keep the topic your writing about fresh in your mind.  Writing multiple posts in one day can be a bit tedious, so make things easier a write them down over time.

7.  Join your posts with links - Not many bloggers remember to do this and its really important for your readers to know its a series.

You can do this by:

✤ Creating a central page - You create one page and link each post in your series.

✤ Add lists to the beginning and end of each post - You can do this whichever way you feel is best, at the beginning or latter of your blog posts with a couple of sentences explaining what's in your blog series.

✤ Integrate all posts into one central page - Take all of your blog posts and place them on one page.  You then have a longer blog post.

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