Important Points to Consider for Blog Posting Frequency

How often should I publish a blog post?

The question every blogger asks when there just starting out.  It's a question that needs to be looking into and considered very carefully.  It's time to get savvy with your blog post frequency.

Here are some important points to consider:

 Writing fatigue - If you're publishing a blog post every day you'll quickly discover how tiring it can become.  Not only that but also how much the quality of your blog content suffers because of blog overload.  You need a team of bloggers to sustain such a high volume of good content each week.  Proving that striving for high quality relevant content can be too demanding on a blogger.  Posting too frequently can lead to poor quality blog posts.

  Reader exhaustion - Posting within such a short period of time can leave your readers feeling tired and bored.  Particularly subscribers and those loyal to your blog who have your website bookmarked.  From first-hand experience there's nothing worse than having a full aggregator or email inbox, from the same company within such a short space of time.  It definitely shows how annoying and tiring it can be to have such a high volume of emails and blog posts to look at.

 Reader engagement - People comment less when there are too many blog posts being published, because they can keep up with the different threads of conversation that are going on.  Too many blog posts on too many topics leads to reader disengagement.

 Search engine referrals - You could try posting an extra blog post each week to give you more in-roads to your blog.  Managing how many posts you produce is half the battle.

 Picking a blog post topic - Different blog post topics require different styled blog posts.  If you're blogging about "blogging" you can include a number of sub-categories and post more blog posts.  There's no doubt people love to learn new things so sustaining such a large amount of information makes it harder for people to consume such high amounts of information.

6  Variety of visitor - The kind of visitor that you have to your blog can impact your blog statistics you can see the behaviour of your readers are, giving you a better insight into your audience.

 Length of post - It makes sense that writing posts over 750 words are going to take longer  to research and write.  So writing shorter posts gives you the option of posting more often and less likely for your readership to burn out.

 Regularity - My advice is to find your blogging rhythm and stick to it.  Readers like to know what to expect and when to expect it.

I'd love to hear your blog posting stories in the comments below.

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