Blog Posts: Utilising Titles Productively

There's no denying, first impressions really do count.

Aside from the layout of your blog, the title should really strike a chord with your readers.

SEO - There are many contributors to how search engines rank a page, but one of the most powerful is the title of a blog post.

➧Faithful Readers - As previously mentioned, a good title forces the way your readers interact with your blog.  Making it easier for web users to scan pages, and make them pause as their eyes go down the page.  A good title should captures their interest, helping them to slow down and take not of what they are reading.

➧Alerting Search Engines - Type in a couple of words and millions of results will pop up in Google search.  All readers have to go on is a title, short description and a URL.  The title is the most highlighted of all of these.

Applying Titles Successfully

Bloggers use a variety of strategies to draw attention to their posts with titles.  See below the six factors to consider when writing good titles for your blog posts:

1. Simplify - Research suggests that the simpler the title the better.  Search engines like titles of 40 characters and under, so the whole title appears in the search results.

2. Attention Grabber - A post can be set apart from the other clutter around it.  Some bloggers may choose tactics such as 'big claims', 'shock' or even 'controversy'.  There's no doubt that this does draw the reader in, but also can cause more damage if your post doesn't live up to its claims.

3. Satisfy a Need - An adequate title will draw a reader in because they feel you've got something to say that they need to hear.  Popular articles such as 'how to ...' or 'guides' show readers that they'll learn something or solve a problem they might have.

4. Illustrate in Writing - A cryptic title draws a reader in but doesn't communicate much about what they're reading.  Most readers like to know something about what they'll find if they read further.  A good title should describe what readers will find in the main post.

5. Key Word Usage - You can maximize the power of your title by using keywords.  This can be a challenge when you want to 'keep it simple'.  Never the less it can be done.  Words at the beginning of a title are more powerful than at the end when it comes to SEO.

6. Don't be Frivolous with Your Title - Take time over your blog post title and content.

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