Blog Posts: How Long Should they Be?

Continuing with the exploration of writing great content, a point deliberated by many bloggers over the years, the length of an ideal blog post.  Below are some points to ponder:

Attention Span of Reader - A point that has been well chronicled that the typical internet surfer has a short attention span when it comes to reading information online.  My own search into the investigation of length of stays on blogs found that average internet surfers stay 96 seconds per blog.  Which isn't long at all.  This is why so many bloggers write bite sized blog posts.  Which is contrary to what SEO experts will tell you.  Long posts rank better than short ones.

SEO - Experts considered in the know about SEO will tell you that extremely short and extremely long posts are not ranked highly as pages of a more reasonable length.  No one really knows how many words are optimal, but it seems the general consensus to be that of  250 words as probably the most reasonable length.  Likewise, 1,000 words and under are advised.

Amount of Posts - One belief is that by writing shorter posts, you'll generate more blog posts in the long run.  Generating a greater readership with RSS and in Search Engines.

Genre/Topic - The length of your post will be determined by it's length.  As an example, if your writing about a popular subject such as "blogging" you'll probably write quite a lengthy post, because its a popular subject on the internet.

Complete Coverage of the Topic - This should be the main benchmark for all bloggers.  You should write enough to exhaustively cover your topic, then stop.  Long for the sake of being long is not advisable.

Ultimately you have to find your own path on this.  I like to vary my blog length and do a long post every once in a while, to give readers something to think about.

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