Beginners Guide: How to Submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Starting a blog can sometimes be rather confusing.  Never as straight forward as you think.

I'm going to show you how to simply add a sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and show you why it's an important part of blogging.

What is Google Search Console?

It's a free tool offered by Google to help you display your blog in Google's search results.

It will help you improve the crawling rate of your blog.

Before I guide you through the verification process and submission of your blog.

You need to know ....

Website Sitemap's, What are they?

It's pretty much as it sounds, a sitemap of your website.

When new blogs are started they're usually missed out because there are only a few websites linking them at the beginning.

A sitemap can be an XML or HTML file containing all of the URLs of the pages inside your blog.

Visitor's to your blog are helped by an HTML sitemap, the same can be said of an XML sitemap.

When you submit your XML website sitemap to Google Webmasters, Google crawlers will start to index all of your blog posts and pages and add them to their database.

Depending on the size of your website and number of  URLs in your sitemap, the crawling rate will differ.

Now that you understand what a sitemap is lets get started verifying and submitting your sitemap.

How to Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Sign into Google Webmaster Account.
  • Select the blog you want to submit the sitemap for.
  • On the left hand side of the page, click on Crawl and then Sitemap.

  • Add this code:

  • Press "Submit Add/Test Sitemap" button.
  • Refresh page.
Note: The above sitemap will work for 500 blog posts only.  If your blog contains more than 500 published posts then you need to add the code below.


How to Submit a Blogger Static Pages Sitemap to Google Search Console

The sitemap code you've inserted above isn't enough because it doesn't contain your blogs static pages, such as:

  • About
  • Start a blog
  • Resources


This time you insert one of the following:

Default Blogspot Domains:


Custom Domains:


Replace your blog with your domain name.

Follow the steps below to submit sitemap:

Click Add/Test Sitemap.

Insert sitemap-pages.xml
Click "Submit".

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