How to Write Like a Writer Everyday, If You Feel Like it or Not

It's true that in order to be a writer you need to write frequently, everyday if possible.  Most people have pretty full lives with other obligations including day jobs and family that can get in the way of doing it on a daily basis.

As a writer I've learned it's not essential to write everyday, instead its necessary to think like a writer everyday and open your eyes to the world around you and drink it all in.

Below are a few tips with prompts to help you to write everyday. even when time is short.

Look Around You

These days our time is easily taken up with tablets and mobile phones instead of seeing what's going on around you.  So put your mobile phone and tablet away and open your eyes.  Look around you instead.

PROMPT: Use the time you spend standing in line to look around you.  Take some mental notes and start fleshing out a character for a story. Begin taking mental notes then write them down as soon as you can.

Tune into the World Around You

We're accustomed to shutting out the world around us.  Unfortunately we miss out on the interesting parts of life. Try opening your ears to hear what's going on around you, use it to launch a new writing project.

PROMPT: Just like the prompt above, the next time you're stuck in a cue somewhere pick a snippet of dialogue and write it down.  Use your imagination and build on it for a story.

Carry a Notebook and Pen

A simple enough thing to do is to keep a notebook and pen on your person, or if you feel the need you can use your mobile phone to take notes, but stay clear of your social media and emails because they'll just distract you.  Write down all the interesting stuff going on around you when you're out and about.

PROMPT: Make note of the last interesting thing you overheard.  Use it in a scene as a conversation.

Start Daydreaming

It's so easy for self-doubt to slowly start creeping into your life when your writing.  Often all it takes is a little imagination and seeing the finish line ahead of you.  See it and make it happen.

PROMPT:  Review your own work as you would like the piece to be.  Use it as inspiration as you write your story.

Embrace the Chaos of Life

As a writer you can quite easily feel like taking on the world sometimes, but in doing so you start putting more pressure on yourself.  Your writing can start to overwhelm you.  Being a writer means accepting we can't do everything.  Instead try embracing the chaos of your life and remember its what bring you your best material.

PROMPT: Make a note of what you want to accomplish with your writing this week.  If things didn't turn how you hoped change it accordingly. If everything went well create a new goal and go on from there.

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  1. Writing everyday isn't possible, naturally; but thinking you're a writer - it's a must. One should keep that spirit up every moment of everyday.

    We love to have more similar insightful posts from you.

    1. Hi "Ripon" thanks for your comment, I try to make my articles as interesting and insightful as possible.