Blog Your Way to Success: Best 7 Udemy Blogging Courses

Do you dream of working from home?  Do you need to make an extra income but not sure how to go about doing it?  It's easier than you might think, there's so much information on the internet to go through about how to do it correctly.

Have a look at these 7 courses from Udemy.  They're chosen based on their overall rating they've received on Udemy's blogging search results and categories:

12016 Blog Blueprint: How to Turn Blogging into a Career by Daniel Boehm

Most courses show you how to set up a website or how to write good content.  They don't take you all the way.

This course will show you:
  • How to set up the perfect blog for under $10
  • How to create irresistible content
  • Monetisation techniques
  • How to generate a massive audience with a 2 part system designed specifically for bloggers
2. Blogging to Freedom: Create Your Independence with Blogging by Kraig Mathias

Kraig Mathias is a successful blogger who earns $60,000 a year from his blog.

This course is will help you set up your own blogging platform, customize it, make it awesome and help you connect with other like-minded people in your niche.

This course is not for the person who wants to make a quick buck in the short term, or willing to stick it out for the long haul.

3. 7 Steps to Blogging Mastery by Jeff Bulas

Jeff Bulas is a successful blogger who receives 5 million visitors a year to his blog.

His course will teach you the core skills you need to become a master blogger on the social web.

You'll learn how to build a digital platform that can take you new heights of creativity, global engagement and business opportunity. 

This course was created by Jason Matthews best selling author and self publishing expert.

Perfect for both beginners and intermediates who want to start an author platform on a budget. 

5. Blogging for Business by Stephen Beak

This course will teach you how to create a successful blog with the specific intention of turning it into a business.

You'll learn how to target particular keywords within an industry, and make sure you're using the correct keywords not only for high traffic volumes but also the more expensive keywords for advertisers. 

Do you have a business mindset? Not a great writer?

Profitable Blogging will show you how to start and run a blog without writing. 

We're exposed to 4,500 marketing messages a day, which means the market is already pretty crowded.

You need to stand out from the crowd.  Learn from the experts how to use a blog to break through the noise.

Discover how to:
  • Create a product your target will naturally gravitate towards
  • Identify the people who are automatically attracted to your message
  • Create raving fans that will spend money and spread the words about you
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  1. Hi Helen,

    All look like winning courses! I am in the process of creating my 4th blogging course - spread between a few platforms - and it's a fun, freeing way to help folks and earn passive income. Jeff's course especially jumps out at me, because he's a pro's pro. Thanks for sharing!