5 Ways to Keep Writing When Life Gets in the Way

I've discovered throughout my writing journey that life changes on a daily basis.

Things happen, such as, illness or family problems and distraction suddenly appears.  Leaving less time to think or write.

It's difficult when you're a freelance writer because you don't have the luxury of someone covering for you.  Staying focused when you're life is going through a crisis is a bit like dodging bullets.

You have to sit down and think about when you can get some real writing done.  When it does happen you need to be prepared for all eventualities.

Here's how to keep writing when things get rough:

1. Focus on the Important Stuff

When writing is your business it becomes apparent which parts will yield the most money.  This includes writing blog posts, building a social media following, etc.

When times are hard its easy to lost focus on the important things in your business and instead get wrapped up in the easier items.  Marking off the things that are quick always makes us feel like we've achieved something.  Unfortunately we're left with more pressure and less time to do the important things that are pending.

I work on my social media once during the day then leave the rest of the time for writing articles and thinking about what to write next.

When things are tough concentrate on the important part of your business, your writing, and reorganize the rest.

2. Be More Productive

When you're having trouble writing you need to start reading as much as you can to find your inspiration to write.  Go through some of your favourite bloggers and start taking notes.

On the other hand if you travel a lot during the day consider listening to a podcast or audiobook.

Being productive isn't just about putting pen to paper and writing.  It's about letting things seep in.  It's also a great distraction when times are hard, to just put on an audiobook and escape into another world.

3. Just Manage

If you're having a bad year and going through one crisis after another.  Trying to double your earnings is probably not the best plan.

You need to take stock of your life and conserve your energy for your personal life.  Do work that's easier and at your fingertips readily.

You're better off staying within your limits in your personal life and keeping things steady in your working life.

4. Outsource

If you're working with deadlines from clients or editors hire someone else.

Use your contacts and pass your work onto other trusted writers you know that can help you.  Offer them an 80% fee or an amount close to it.  If you have a virtual assistant give her some extra hours to take on that extra workload.

5. Don't Get Swamped

If you're overloaded with work its easy to jump in recklessly.

Try putting a limit on how much you can do with the time you have.

Set yourself achievable goals, such as 500 words in an hour.  Don't worry if you can't manage it, that's okay to.