Create an eBook Cover with PicMonkey in 6 Steps

Your eBook is written, edited and ready to go. You need a simple book cover to catch your readers attention.

Step 1

Find a picture

An image that will explain what your book is about. Make sure you get your image from a public domain site. Better still take your own photo!

Step 2

Upload a photo

Upload your photo to Picmonkey and begin designing your cover. Go to design and click on butterfly icon (overlays), select your own cover image.

Choose your effects

Step 3

Edit your photo

You can resize or give your photo a special effect.

Step 4

Create your book title

Use the "Tt" icon to add your text.

Step 5

Change your cover size

A good choice for fiction covers is 600 x 800, also do your research if your self-publishing and find out which size is best.

Step 6

Extra effects
You can add any extra effects you feel may be needed. Also save your cover before adding text, just in case something goes wrong.

Try Picmonkey today!

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