How to Format Your eBook in Google Docs

Step-by-step instructions to format your eBook in Google Docs

1. Click on "file" button.

2. Click "new".

3. This is the blank page to start your eBook.

4. Centre and bold your "Title".

5. Add a "subtitle" if  you have on, just below and in the centre as your "Title".

6. Enter document name in "top left hand corner".

7.  Arrange your "front matter"  this includes your the name of your book,  the author, the publisher, copyright and disclaimer.  You can centre or left justify and make it bold as you see fit.

How to Hyperlink your Table of Contents

Create a Link to a bookmark

A bookmark is only useful when you link to it.  See below to create your own link to a bookmark:
  1. Highlight the chapter you'd like to link from.  You can also just click anywhere in your document to create a link there.
  2. Click the Insert drop-down menu and select Link.... or click the link icon in the toolbar.
  3. In the 'Edit Link' window, select the 'Bookmark' option to see the bookmarks you've create.
  4. Click the bookmark you'd like to link to.
  5. Click ok.

If you need to edit or remove the link, click it and 'Go to link' window appears.  In this window you can see the bookmark you're linking to, and the Change and Remove links.

Create a bookmark in a document

To create a bookmark in your document, follow these steps:
  1. Click where you want to place the bookmark in your document.
  2. Click the Insert drop-down menu.
  3. Select Bookmark.

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