Make Extra Revenue With Your Blog, Add a Tip Jar

People think that blogging is easy, you just choose a topic and write about.  On the one hand that is true, especially if your like me and really enjoy writing articles and ebooks.  If you want to make an income out of it, that's another matter altogether.  Thanks to the internet and the miracle of modern technology, if you want to write you can carve out a living.  Writing is my passion and the challenge of making a living is making it reality.

Like so many struggling bloggers I decided to add a tip jar to my blog.  You may have already noticed that I also sell my ebooks, adsense and amazon advertising.

Making your blog work and finding suitable ways to monetise it can be difficult.

PayPal Me

I added PayPalme as a tip jar option to my blog.  The donate button wasn't to my liking and felt like it should be for a charity.

If you're looking for an extra way to add revenue create your own PayPal me account here.

Thank you readers for dropping by and reading 1976write.  It's your page views that keep my blog going.

If you want me to write about something in particular then drop me a line on my contact page and just ask.

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