To Self Host or not to Self Host, that is the Question?

Everyone has their own take on this one.  The point of this blog post is to lay out the pros and cons and leave the rest you the reader.

I've had experience of both, free hosted and self hosted blogs.  I would say that it all depends on your circumstances and whether your blog is a personal or business blog.

Below are the pros and cons for you to make up your own mind:

Self Hosted Blogs
  • You need to purchase your domain name and hosting service, in doing so you'll have the advantage of freedom over your website you can do this with Bluehost for as little as $3.95 per month.  Search here for a domain today with the handy tool below:
  • You can customise your site to your liking.  Making it look more professional, attracting more visitor's.
  • You have the freedom to place banners/advertising on your site.  Some free hosted sites will limit your advertising, or not allow any advertising to feature on your website or blog with Dreamhost for $9.95 per month.
  • I used Hostgator to self host a website I had for a business a couple of year's ago, they offered a great service with hosting packages starting at as little as $3.95/month.
  • Domain names can cost around $1.20 per month.  For a business that's a cheap overhead.  My choice was Fasthosts, again I received a great service and would highly recommend them.  Hostgator, I can't say enough about them, they offered a great service and were always on hand when I needed them.

Free Hosted Blogs
  • There are plenty of choices out there but the top two are Blogger and Wordpress.com.
  • A lot of people use a free blog host to share their family photo's and video's. I use Blogger because it's a great platform for my writing.  Some say free hosted blogs are under the 'amateur' category, I would disagree with that one, and leave that for you to decide.
  • You have restriction's placed on you, but again that will depend on what you're using it for.
  • You're given an URL that will include the blog hosting name.  In my case it includes .blogspot.co.uk.  I haven't had any problems with that, but if you're setting up a business and have products or a service to sell, then purchasing your your blog name is a good idea and will look more professional.
  • Customisation is limited if you have an idea about how you want your website to look.  Using a free hosted blog you may struggle with this.
  • If you're planning a business website and have product's to sell, some people may not take you seriously if your using a free website.
  • I like Blogger and use it because it suit's my needs.  Don't let anyone sway you into using something you're not comfortable with.
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