Why I Started Blogging

After a long period of illness I started looking for something manageable that would give me a goal so I started creating and  running very basic websites and blogs and later on started up a hosted website with Hostgator. and keep my mind off my depression.  That was when I stumbled across Hubpages that was when I started experimenting with websites and blogs.  I threw myself into content writing, using websites such as Hubpages

As time went on I gained more knowledge, discovered ways to improve my blog and make it user friendly, customising it, along the way I was making mistakes and taking notes.  These were invaluable and meant I could go back to them if I needed to, that's when I started to discover my niche, which was "writing".

Along the way I discovered Google Adsense and Amazon Associates, to sell advertising on my blog and content writing pages.  Once my blog was created it was a case of maintaining and marketing my name online.

Everyone has there own way of making a blog successful, so "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again".

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