The 50 Million Dollar Question, How do I get Traffic to My Blog?

When your blog is published, sadly there won't be a huge wave of people reading your blog.  That's where writing blog posts frequently really comes in.

Below are some tips on building traffic:

Search Engines

Put your blog on search engines such as; Google or Bing.


Increase your traffic from search engines with these directories:


Commenting on Blog's and Forum's

Comment on blog's that relate to your subject matter, using language that is both thoughtful and provocative.  Blogging is a social community so don't be afraid to put those comments out there, you'll be highly rewarded for doing so.

Search for forums in your topic area and leave comments linking to your blog.  Visitor's Googling your topic will pick up on these comments and find your link, don't use it for self-promotion. The Internet is an environment of "give and you shall receive", if you stick to this the reward's will come.

Article and Content Writing

You can submit your articles and include a link back to your blog.  Below are a few worth looking at:


Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly

Search engines like the more established websites and blog's, that make blog's and websites more reputable.  That's why it's important to get links from directories, and other websites and bloggers.  The more your blog grows the more likes you'll get and your traffic will grow, this will take time so don't be dismayed "build it and they will come".

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or search engine optimisation is a science/art in itself, your target is getting high ranking within Google, the biggest of all the search engines, with it you'll gain free traffic.

When you start blogging make sure you research everything thoroughly, get to know how it works, know it inside and out.  With a good working knowledge you'll go far.

Google's aim is to build a perfect search engine so that anyone looking for a particular subject matter, person or thing will find the most relevant information.  Never trick a search engine, that's a bad idea, it will always end in punishment of some kind.  Make your content and subject matter clear and everything else will fall into place.

Make it Sticky

When someone lands on my homepage I want them to stay and look around, in order to keep their attention I do the following:

Create Stand Alone Pages

The more posts you write, you'll discover they slowly disappear.  I've created stand alone pages in order to keep the most relevant blogs up to date and easy to find.

Linking to my own content

Leave at least 2 or 3 links at the end of each blog post.

Title Tags

Your title tag is what shows up on the top of your browser window.  It determines what your site is about.  Think of something simple and eye catching such as "Joanne's Art/Art, Illustration and Other Stuff".

Anchor Text

Anchor text is used for linking text such as “a search engine” then linking it to Google search.  Use a link like, a brilliant search engine and link it directly to Google.  Anchor text lets search engines know what your site is about.


I've used Google Keywords tool for ideas on what people are searching for.  It's a good guide and will let you know what people are looking for in your particular field.

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