Blogging Essentials

Definition of a blog:
A regularly updated website or webpage, typically run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Originally a blog was similar to writing an online journal, updated daily by the author.  Over the past ten years software programs have improved making the blogging process easy.

Starting a blog post is easy just type up your post, press publish and it's out there for the world to see.  If you're not that technical you can start a blog easily with a free platform,

How Easy is it to Start a Blog?

With over 20 million blogs in existence, it can't be that hard, there are plenty of articles and websites to draw upon if help is required.

Does it Cost to Blog?

Use a free blogging platform and take the plunge.  Later on you can move up to a self-hosted platform, such as Hostgator.  Having a self-hosted blog can be inexpensive and you can buy a domain name for as little as $12.95 a year.

Blogging Platform's

All option's listed are free.  I'll go through the self-hosting option in the next part of this blog:

Blogger.com - My personal favourite and preferred free platform, owned by Google.  Customizable, domain name will include "blogspot.com".  You can customize it with your own domain name.

Tumblr.com - The least customizable, but the simplest platform to use, could be a good starting point.

Wordpress.com - Again Wordpress is free, has an easy dashboard to use, you can personalise it but it will also include "Wordpress.com".

Wordpress.org - The difference witth "Wordpress.org" is simple, it's a self-hosted platform.  You can use a platform like Hostgator to host your blog,

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