Beyond the Basics

In this section I'm going to show you how a few tweaks can make the world of difference to your earnings.

When you write something and put your own stamp on it, you'll attract your own audience. Testing and trying out new things is important and will help your blog grow.

Terms and Conditions

When you put ads on your blog its a requirement to add terms and conditions and a privacy policy.  With spammer's on the increase Internet users are concerned about who sees their personal information.  When you use Adsense its highly important  you make people aware of your way of earning money, Google requires you to make this known on your website/blog.  Without any terms and conditions or privacy policy, your website may suffer and your earnings significantly trimmed.

Ads at Eyeball Height

When I write my blog posts, I want my blog layout to be user friendly for my readers.  Ad placement is important when your trying to make money with Adsense or any other company your using for advertising.  I can't stress enough how experimenting with your ads can be be.  Moving them around, using different ad sizes is key to your earning potential.  At the top of your blog to your header is always best.  Your footer at the bottom of the page is another hot spot.

Colours of Ad Placements

Many would say make them big, bold and ugly to grab attention.  I would go with a more subtle approach and blend them into my blog page as much as possible, a mix of text and picture ads.

Write Content People want to Read

I use my own experience as a reader of blog's to think about what people want to read about.  Mix your content with personality, mentioning about yourself every now and again, so that your blog isn't too bland, it will breath life into your blog.  The more you research and look up material, the more you'll understand what people are looking for.

Benefits of Adding a Google Search box to Your Blog

By adding this your blog you're helping your visitors find the information they're looking for and will make you some extra money at the same time.

Link Analytics to Adsense

This is quite a new idea with Google and will help you gain insight into which blog posts are making the most money, which keywords are used and where you get your best traffic from.

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