A Brief Note Before You Start Your Blog

Before you start your blog its important that I point out that blogging won't make you rich quickly. You need to plan it out, develop it and build it over time to make money from it.

Research, Research, Research

This I can't say enough, study other people's blogs, use the information you've gathered wisely and make your own mark on the web.  "Content is King", great writing will draw your audience in.

Use Google to solve any problem's you have, the information is out there for you to tap into.

Be Productive

Find your own way of being productive, writing isn't easy and writing a fresh blog post can seem like a monumental task, stay focused and don't let social media bog you down or get in your way.  Yes it's an important part of building traffic but spending long periods doing nothing else will get you nowhere.

Most of All

This is a simple guide for anyone wanting to create their own small business on the Internet through blogging.  If you don't enjoy it or don't care about it don't do it,but if you have an idea I'd definitely say go with your instinct and take it all the way.  The sky's the limit!

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