Start Your Life as a Writer with this Simple Guide

I started writing in 2011, writing on Ezine and Hubpages.  I want to show you how writing can
make you an income and change the way you look at writing on the internet.  

The internet is a hive of information some good some bad.  You can and join and be a part of the huge wave of writers that populate the internet currently.  If you can put a sentence together and want to make some extra money article writing is a great way to do it.

How do I Write an Article

You start with a hook, this will reel in your reader's, eg. "8 Rules of Writing on the Internet". The introduction needs to be both interesting and relevant to the reader, but not too long to lose their attention.

Including bullet and number points make it easier for the reader to scan your article and glean the information they need.

Bring humor into your articles to liven the mood.  If you're too technical and deep people give up and move onto to other things.

Entertain your readers with a story or two,  stories are great for keeping people engaged and staying on your blog or article.

Leave selling to sales people, keep your articles simple, to the point with advice, stories and examples of other articles you've done.

Make Money with Ad Revenue Sharing Sites

Upload your articles to these sites and make money from the clicks they share with you.


They offer Google Adsense, In-house Ad Program and Amazon.  You get 60% of the ads that are clicked.

Hellium Network

Publish knowledge based articles on a network of 27 sites.  Money is earned with incentive payments, assignments are performance based using the traffic you receive.

Article Marketplaces
  1. Hire Writers
  2. Fiverr
  3. Article Sale
  4. Constant Content
  5. Textbroker
  6. Digital Point
Go Freelance

This is another option, time and effort are required to set-up your blog and patience is required to find clients.

End Note

Keep your articles to the point, simple and fresh, catch readers with a great hook and introduction. Success comes with patience and dedication.  Find your niche, establish yourself and the money will come.

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